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Wednesday, some amature Photography

Yeah Its Wednesday… While I’m working with some stuff on my Laptop some Trio of Lovely butterflies (May be a LovEly Pair) caught my attention through my Window.I immediately rushed out into my garden to have a clear view of them.Though I couldn’t capture clear pics of them I was able to take some shots of the flowers in my garden on which those butterflies had a honey feast.Here I posted a few …

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Sunday just passed away with inheritance

Yes it’s all inheritance , not what it is actually from my parents Smile with tongue out 

Sunday just came and passed away like cool breeze near seashore and all I could do is grab a Java Book and brush up chapter 2 which consists of inheritance and only types of inheritance Open-mouthed smile  and finally summary.

I am happy today that a tech article of mine posted in a different site titled – Who is the final victim between Operator and Customer? received good response from readers and comments oozed like anything within no time after publishing. Thanks for the readers by the way.

and what’s next ?

Yesh my Twitter follower count is 695 … yayaya but 3 users un followed me. Don’t know what made them feel so ? My small suggestion is Incase if you (readers) are having twitter accounts and opting to un follow anyone just tweet them why and leave.I feel so because I can rectify or correct my tweets Smile with tongue out so that this don’t happen next time.

Ok Guys/girls C ya .. Happy Week end , Have a great Week ahead and finally Good Day/Morning/Afternoon in what ever Time Zone you are !


Ebay does it for my Nokia N9


My Nokia N9 needs a screen guard replacement as the present one is some what scratched after my wallet iron metal designs stroked against it .

I later regretted for keeping my mobile and wallet in the same pocket , after all what can i do now when the damage already happened ?

So,I searched eBay again if I could find the same item which I purchased some time back but could not.

I made a dare attempt to find some other shop and finally consoled myself to place an order and today the product is at my door steps.

I worried because the previous one which I purchased on eBay is awesome and exactly what I needed. Now I’m happy that the one which I received now is also of the same type and make .

Thanks to the shop owner and also eBay for connecting the best sellers and buyers together at cyber world.
I’m happy for the product , price, quality and fast shipment .


Thank you ! 🙂

Hello world – This is a Voice from a Fellow Blogger!

I Welcome myself to! This is my very first post in this Blog.


A Voice from a Fellow Blogger

If you like, use this post to tell readers why you started this blog and what you plan to do with it.

Dear WP,

Yes you caught my intention, I do like spreading things a lot to this world, Because i feel some times my message is quite essential to this world!

Though i’m a tech Blogger i ❤ to blog on many basic things like travel,music,food,Politics,Education,love,girls,Teenage fun and lot more #Tags i face in my every day life as i’m a young and Energetic 22 Male 😀

I need a Unique Blog to write down or spread all my experiences which i feel like conveying a message to this world in this Blog  “MyBloggingPad”

The name it self portrays some small information which lets you understand what i wanted to convey to this world 🙂

A voice from a Fellow Blogger

Happy blogging to Myself!