Amaravati; Andhra Pradesh State Development Tracker

On this day, Jan 26th, 2017, India’s 68th Republic Day, I would like to dedicate an informative excel sheet to the development activities happening in Andhra Pradesh.

Excel Tracker Name: Andhra Pradesh State Development Tracker.xlsx

Why this excel tracker? Every day we come across some or the other development/investment news on media, but how they can be remembered? To my knowledge, there is no website too which gives all this information at a common place. Then how can anyone follow the progress or proudly share something? I always wondered if the development is really going on or just another hype in the media. Though the development is going on or not is another issue, I would like to have a separate tracker or a place where I can segregate all the information available to the public.

So, I’m dedicating this Tracker to the development of AP, which I will be updating every now and then with recent advancements taken from the media.

The first purpose to create this document is for my reference and the second purpose is to be a lending hand in the development of the state, a World Class capital, in any way I can. Hope this helps to have a high-level overview of the development in the Sun Rise Capital — Amaravati.

I just want to track the development and nothing else. It’s just a feeling of pride and growth.
To Whosoever:
You too can contribute to the excel if you have information.
To view the sheet access the below link: Read Only Access

You can also reach me out on twitter @Srikapardhi, email: for any collaboration on the tracker.

PS: I’m neither a single political party supporter nor an individual very keen on politics.
Disclaimer: Purely on personal interest and manual efforts are involved. May or may not contain errors. Should there be any corrections or updates, Please let me know to make updates.


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