My views: A monthly note for January

Well, to begin these are strictly my personal views. Unlike my Analysis/Editorials on TelecomTalk, the title also says ‘monthly note’ this will not be so long I suppose. To quickly wrap up, I have segregated my views accordingly.

View 1: The below are supposed to go live #Consumer #Analysis on @TelecomTalk, but due to some known reasons I decided not to draft analysis anymore starting January 2017 on the platform. Be it a resolution or a plan, I have my own strategy which is not influenced by anyone.

1. Types of mobile consumers in India, and their expectations from an operator. [Consumer Study Analysis]
2. Types of mobile consumers who PORT IN/OUT and miscellaneous on this topic. [Consumer Study Analysis]
3. Different perspectives involved in Indian telecom market and how they can be differentiated. [Market Study Analysis]
4. Various ways to retain a potential telecom subscriber in India. I can almost relate this to point 2 above. [Adding my experience for driving healthy business growth]
5. How to provide differential service to postpaid segment/consumer compared to prepaid. I can also put it this way, ‘maximizing service difference parameters on the postpaid segment to that of prepaid.’
[Adding my experience for driving healthy business growth]

While there is one more to hit a six, I can’t categorize it in the analysis section, as it is purely a self-developed strategy to decode the complete business/market behavior of various operators from the open data available.

Just to reiterate, I only kept a . to analysis and not the editorial or any other section that I used to put forward my views.

View 2: This keeps on bothering me about the healthy growth of telecom industry in an innovative manner. Every operator is playing the price game like a bait to the consumer on a temporary basis and nothing else. I know there is competition in the market and this needs to be done, but how long in this only odd way? A day will come when potential consumers themselves will be saturated with the price game and ask for something innovative. Indian market is not like the US and is a mixture of everything. Anyways, there is a strategy planned for this view too.

View 3: Personal experiences with an operator. This operator has failed big time in many aspects that need to be taken care of in a consumer-centric approach. From IT implementation to consumer service, I have captured every single proof required to file a case in consumer court too but it again depends on my priorities and time I can spend on this mess.
Currently, at the time of writing this piece, I’m on a holiday and waiting to hear back too for a resolution from customer support team. I will expedite this once I’m back to home in a week, but from my ground work be knowing the resolution that I am going to hear from the cs team and still waiting for the resolution just to assess and to have proofs is an act of mixed feelings too.

Would also like to recollect the Quote: ‘Your best teacher is your last mistake’ and yes I’m not gonna repeat it again.’

I always listen to music when I write something and at the time of writing this I’m #NowPlaying — I Got You by Bebe Rexha. [Replay]

Thoughts for January 2017.


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