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My views: A monthly note for January

Well, to begin these are strictly my personal views. Unlike my Analysis/Editorials on TelecomTalk, the title also says ‘monthly note’ this will not be so long I suppose. To quickly wrap up, I have segregated my views accordingly.

View 1: The below are supposed to go live #Consumer #Analysis on @TelecomTalk, but due to some known reasons I decided not to draft analysis anymore starting January 2017 on the platform. Be it a resolution or a plan, I have my own strategy which is not influenced by anyone.

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Amaravati; Andhra Pradesh State Development Tracker

On this day, Jan 26th, 2017, India’s 68th Republic Day, I would like to dedicate an informative excel sheet to the development activities happening in Andhra Pradesh.

Excel Tracker Name: Andhra Pradesh State Development Tracker.xlsx

Why this excel tracker? Every day we come across some or the other development/investment news on media, but how they can be remembered? To my knowledge, there is no website too which gives all this information at a common place. Then how can anyone follow the progress or proudly share something? I always wondered if the development is really going on or just another hype in the media. Though the development is going on or not is another issue, I would like to have a separate tracker or a place where I can segregate all the information available to the public.

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