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Wednesday, some amature Photography

Yeah Its Wednesday… While I’m working with some stuff on my Laptop some Trio of Lovely butterflies (May be a LovEly Pair) caught my attention through my Window.I immediately rushed out into my garden to have a clear view of them.Though I couldn’t capture clear pics of them I was able to take some shots of the flowers in my garden on which those butterflies had a honey feast.Here I posted a few …

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Ebay does it for my Nokia N9


My Nokia N9 needs a screen guard replacement as the present one is some what scratched after my wallet iron metal designs stroked against it .

I later regretted for keeping my mobile and wallet in the same pocket , after all what can i do now when the damage already happened ?

So,I searched eBay again if I could find the same item which I purchased some time back but could not.

I made a dare attempt to find some other shop and finally consoled myself to place an order and today the product is at my door steps.

I worried because the previous one which I purchased on eBay is awesome and exactly what I needed. Now I’m happy that the one which I received now is also of the same type and make .

Thanks to the shop owner and also eBay for connecting the best sellers and buyers together at cyber world.
I’m happy for the product , price, quality and fast shipment .


Thank you ! 🙂